Romy + Nassib. Lebanon Wedding Photography.


Romy and Nassib’s destination wedding at Tanit Venue in Lebanon. A small, beautiful country in the Middle East, close to Cyprus.

Wow, I just don’t even know where to start, and say anything that would give this wedding, and people, justice. Have never been that good with words, perhaps that’s why I take pictures, but I feel compelled to write a few words about this experience, that was Rommy and Nassib’s wedding in Lebanon.

When we first received the enquiry from Rommy and Nassib, Keith and I felt very disappointed, as we were already booked for their initial date, however luckily they were able to change the date of their wedding. Then, we skyped, and we fell in love with these two sweethearts. Then, we arrived in Lebanon, and we fell in love with their friends and family, everyone’s incredible generosity. Lama, Romy’s best friend, who put us up for a week – thank you, you are awesome! Nassib and Romy for your extreme hospitality, and choice of restaurants. Nassib’s mum, Lubna for the amazing knefi, Romy’s mum, Rouaida for the hospitality, and brilliant food (seriously, you are Nigela Lawson of Lebanon). Everyone we met, and laughed together with – Thank You – you all made us feel so welcome, and part of the family!

The wedding. Well, it was pure awesomeness!! These people know how to party! There were very few traditional elements about their day. No ceremony, as they had already done the legal paperwork in Cyprus the week before. They did the first look instead, and it was adorable. There were no speeches, and a handful of group photos. Romy said to us, just photograph as a bystander, how you see it, naturally. Well, this was music to our ears. We hope we did that. We are forever grateful, and very fortunate to have met you. Really hope that our paths will cross again soon.

The incredible surroundings were meticulously planned by the talented Joelle Hassoun. Onto a small selection of the photos. The ones towards the end are from a post-wedding shoot we did a couple of days after, on a beach nearby. Well, it was a too good of an opportunity to miss. Hope you like the photos…




Gorgeous as always Abi!!! Looks like tons of fun :)

Epic epic epic! Amazing wedding, amazing photos. What a party! Love the couple portraits. You guys killed it.