Kat + Billy. Croyde Bay Wedding Photography


I hope this is one of many Croyde Bay Weddings we’ll be photographing as it’s such a beautiful wedding venue. A marquee by Blue Fizz Events nestled in a field in Croyde, with the most beautiful view of the bay.

Rewind just over a year ago when we received this lovely email from Kat, and Keith and I have been looking forward to their wedding in Croyde ever since!

I am so pleased that you are available on our wedding date. I adore your photographs and some even made me cry – hoping to get that out of my system before the big day! (I’m an ugly crier!) I am an English teacher and Billy serves with the Royal Anglian Regiment; he’s a Viking! We are getting married in North Devon; it’s a place we go to escape. We will tie the knot in St George’s Church, Georgeham and our reception is in a marquee in a field that is adjacent to Croyde Bay…

This was a day to remember, and a total joy to photograph! Starting with the morning preparations at the Red Lion Hotel in the famous village of Clovelly, followed by a relaxed ceremony at St George’s Church. Father Mike is a breath of fresh air, one of the most relaxed vicars we’ve ever met! I guess this may have something to do with the fact that he used to be a videographer. :) He certainly understands the importance of preserving a memory. After the service, guard of honour and mountains of confetti followed (so much fun!) and after an on-route stop to Putsborough beach for a few photos, we headed down to Croyde for the reception. Hilarious, and heart-warming speeches followed, limbo dancing which we’ve never photographed before, and absolutely loved, the confetti explosion during the first dance and such a great party into the evening.

We are just over the moon to receive these lovely lovely words from Kat and Billy after seeing their photos:

Just WOW! Thank you so very very much for all the wonderful moments you caught on our wedding day. We adore them and genuinely cannot thank you both enough. Billy and I looked through them together last night, the perfect end to an evening before he goes away on a training exercise in the morning. We loved the playlist – perfect!

I knew our photographs would be fabulous because you were behind the camera and I adored all of the pictures you’ve taken and read all the beaming testimonials, but what I didn’t realise was that they would exceed my expectations and capture moments I missed or forgot had occurred and bring me so much joy in reliving them or to enjoy another that I wasn’t even part of. To be able to delight in a moment I didn’t know existed until now is a special feeling that is priceless. So many happy moments shared between our friends and family that they will be able to enjoy too…

We felt so comfortable with you both. We didn’t realise you were there for most of the day and when we did see you, you were so relaxed and understanding about everything. Thank you for being the dream team! I’m glad you were available to shoot our day. We hope you enjoyed your time with us too, through the chaos, the nerves, the hilarity and the literal uphill climb!! haha! As I said in my speech time is so precious so thank you for giving up some of yours to capture ours!…

Massive congrats to the ever so lovely Kat and Billy – a beautiful couple, inside and out! I hope you like this very small selection of around 100 photos from the many hundreds they received. Please feel free to leave a comment, or share on social media.

If you are considering a Croyde Bay wedding (or anywhere else) please feel free to get in touch to discuss your wedding photography requirements.




Amazing wedding and fab photos!!! Love their dance shots :)